Guaranteed quality

All pasta branded Pastificio Monti is prepared using only selected ingredients, 100% Italian, which are processed internally.

During the production process, no additives, preservatives or antioxidants are used to make a paste in a natural way, such as the one prepared at home.
The quality of food is guaranteed by a constant verification of the raw materials used, which must meet high sensory standards. Specific laboratory analyses are carried out to ascertain the absence of genetically modified elements, aromatic substances and chemical additives.

The cold chain is respected at all stages of the production process, from the local unloading of raw materials, to the packaging and packaging area of the finished product. The packaging itself is designed to allow the maintenance of fresh without chemical additives.

The production lines and parking areas of the finished products are controlled by a continuous-cycle computerized system equipped with alarms, to urge, in case of need, the immediate intervention of a technician to keep the temperature unchanged.
The production site is also equipped with a tracking system of all the matches made, through the production batch, which allows to identify the raw materials that have been used and the process of transformation.