Ripieni di bio - Organic pasta

PAPPARDELLE - TAGLIATELLE - TAGLIOLINI - SPAGHETTI - TORTELLINI CON CARNE - RAVIOLI CON RICOTTA E SPINACI Since the first years of activity Pastificio Monti has always given particular importance to the genuineness of the foods he produced and the raw materials he used, without ever availing himself of additives, aromas or preservatives. Over the years, the Company has pursued this philosophy, of constant attention to the health and well-being of its consumers, and to respect for the environment, which has allowed it to acquire the IFS Higher Level certification and inaugurate a specific line of organic products, the "BIO stuffings". Six types of fresh pasta made from strictly Italian raw materials, both for pasta and stuffing, coming from crops and farms branded BIO. Their processing takes place exclusively during dedicated days, to prevent the risk of contamination with other productions. Before being introduced into the production process, each ingredient is checked to ensure that it meets the Company's high sensory and quality standards. The careful processing and the painstaking choice of raw materials have resulted in the achievement of the ICEA organic certification. With the line "Stuffed with BIO" Pastificio Monti wants to respond to the needs of its customers, increasingly attentive to the quality of the foods they consume, offering entirely organic products, both in pasta and filling, made from meat or fresh ricotta and Spinach.